WW2 fashion Illustrating student gets a makeover with '21st Century Illustrator package'

A little while ago I was offered some student artwork from the late 1930's through to 1944.

the work had been done by a young girl called Margurite Snape who obviosly was studying fashion illustration at the time. I only saw a small selection of the work via a facebook post from a FB friend who I have never met he saw them at a millitaria fair and thought of me ...Now that's exactly how I want to be thought of, If you see pretty old drawings of dresses and hats then think Mrs Bee Vintage dressmaker :)

I told him I would buy them no matter what and we did a deal .

when the pictures came through the post they were perfectly protected in two large sheets of cardboard which was useful as the postman put them under my doormat because i wasn't home when he knocked!! they have no idea of the rarity of the 'old tat, as hubbie calls it ' that comes though my door.

well there were about 15 in all some were just head and shoulders and some were scribbeld out with the teachers comment '2/10 legs to thick' at the bottom.

these drawings are charming but she was not an exceptional student and I see no progression from the beginning to the end of the 5 year journey. but I do wonder where she went from there and how her life must have been though some of the toughest years this country had ever known. Did she join the forces? work in a munitions factory or marry a serviceman and have children?

I will never know but I hope she followed her dreams and continued to love fashions and drawing. the fact that they were saved throughot that time and surived until today is pretty amazing in itself.

I thought I would take one of her drawings to my college and bring them into the 21st century

I scanned this one into the illustratior programme and had a little play using a scan of an original 40's Rayon tea dress I own that is too far gone to wear although I plan to take a pattern and use as much of it as I can to recreate something new in a 40's style.

now I am no computer expert, and at my age it was hard work!! i'm not sure of the colours,not very late 30's, so if I were being marked I too would get 2/10 for effort but I had a go and thought you would like to see the results. I'm not sure how impressed she would be with the fact that it took me three days to try and get the image off of my usb stick and on to my computor and then it wouldn't save so I had to take a picture with my phone of the screen send the image to facebook , save it of facebook on to my computor and then crop it and upload it on to here ...lol...maybe I should have stuck to drawing with a pencil and watercolour but 'where there's a will there's a way' as they say, any way I hope you found these images and my first official post as Mrs Bee interesting . much love MrsBee x

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