Creating a Bespoke Vintage Garment

How does it all start ? Well it's starts with a dream, a dream of owning something so special that nobody else will ever own; unless it of course it becomes 'vintage' and another lucky lady picks it up and cherishes it, restoring it, remodeling it, resizing it and all the other possibilities that a one off garment deserves.

The creation of a bespoke, made to your personal measurements takes time, patience and imagination. It also ensures that no body else will be wearing anything similar on your big day.

It take a financial investment that for many is beyond their means; but they are willing to save for as this is for you, your something special, you know its worth every penny, because you are involved every step of your garments evolution.

So you've had a dream, where do you go from there ?

well hopefully you have contacted me or any other of the wonderful Bespoke dressmakers available. you can of course get in touch either by using the comments box at the bottom of the blogs opening page or filling out my contact form. or you could find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get in touch that way just check out the buttons at the bottom of this sites pages.

After you have got in touch we will talk about what exactly your hoping for in your design, what the garment is for, when you want it. we would then go on to discuss the style or decade you have in mind. Remember my work is vintage based.

Often I will ask you to send me some pictures of the kind of style you like and maybe a picture of you, so I can get an idea of who you are.

I will arrange a meeting over coffee or even a glass of wine and we will have a chat, it is really important that we get along, as we will be spending some time together; that of course works both ways, you are trusting me with a very important moment in your life and it has to be right ...right ?

I will at that meeting find out a little about who you are, I might come up with a rough sketch just like the one in first picture of this post, to check we are on the same wavelength.

Depending on where we meet and time restrictions we may go and have a look at fabrics to get an idea of the feel of the fabric I feel are suitable, this of course is a two way thing and if you have something very specific in mind then we will work out how that fits in with the design.

it's then time to talk money and deadlines and as soon as possible I will take a very extensive set of measurements.

So off I go creating a brand new 'vintage' inspired garment, and my first job is to draft a pattern from scratch , the one below involved four stages of progress.

or if you have an original vintage pattern that you love, I would make a copy and ensure that it was re sized to fit you perfectly.

Next it's the creation of the toile (or mock up ) this is often in calico or a cheaper version of the fabrics chosen for the final garment. this will be quite basic so I can get the fit you require. I would then start working on any design features of the garment, such as dart placement or neck shaping.

so a second paper pattern will be drafted, often with this I would go directly into the chosen fabrics, but with decent seam allowances for any extra alterations that may be needed.

After this fitting any alterations are made to the garment and the pattern and then the part of finishing the garment to a very high standard if you know all about my work you will now that I will use original vintage sewing techniques, finishes and notions (zips,buttons, hen tapes where possible) to create a feeling that the garment is as true to the period I am creating; but if the garment has to endure lots of stress or washing then more modern techniques and notions may be applied. This dress had self covered marigold buttons provided by and and original 1950s vintage belt and buckle kit which covered my self in the same fabric as the dress.

once finished I will make arrangements for you to try the garment on and then final payment will be made before you go home with your very own 'Mrs Bee Vintage' original.

Here in all her golden glory is the lovely Janie on her wedding day


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