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The worring woes of CPD and it's effect on my sewing space!

I hold my hands up I have CPD! 

Whats that I hear you cry ...Compulsive Purchase Disorder, im not even sure if thats a 'thing' if not it should be!  I am addicted  to collecting vintage fabrics and patterns and magazines and books and ...well I'm sure you get the picture.

I am overwhelmed with the amount I have, there I said it out loud !

I keep telling myself I am not a hoarder but a collector /protector of beautiful old things.

It didnt really bother until now, as I'm off sick from work for a while with a newly diagnosed heart condition, I see it every day, I can't even get into the space I created to sew without moving most of it to another room for the day. It's bothering me; I can't relax, so it's time to sort this out ...NOW!!

So I need a plan of action.

My first thought is how do I go about that with no strength or energy but a lot of desire to do so?  So I made this list of possible solutions...

Get someone to help me - ( not enough room in the room for them and me in the room and I'm not sure I want any one else to see my 'Addiction)

Create a situation where it's impossible not to address the stuff - (organise a lovely new machine to be delivered from  Janome  in order to show of all the great new projects I've created on social media)

Restart my etsy page to sell off the wonderful stuff that I have had hidden away from the vintage sewing world for a while - ( yeah this would work ...if I stop procrastinating writing this blog)

Finish the sewing projects I started and stopped when other sewing projects got in the way and sell them on etsy!! - (Good plan ,I like that one )

Get off this sofa and get started - (but I have to write this list and post this post first, not easy when your using an app on your phone bouncing around the screen)

Own it and make it happen (I don't want to shuffle of this mortal coil and all people remember me for was the amount of crap ...errm collectables I left them to clear up)

Please help if you can, by keeping me company on this journey and either commenting a solution to my problem, not sending me any more links to fabulous vintage fashion books, patterns and fabrics - ( ok maybe just fabrics ) and looking out for my future post on what I have achieved or what I have for sale.

Wish me luck xx


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