• Jax Black

Chasing the 'tail' of social media...

Have you ever wondered why you always see the most current hashtag a day after everyone else? I do,

now this is not a winge,more a cry for help.with pictures 😁

I follow all the rules of social media ,

I post every day, more than once on some days.

I interact with my few followers and people I follow but I always seem to be one step behind. (Maybe that's a little winge)

I've  never quite got the 'post everyday for a month' thing on Instagram i always find them at least a day after everyone else and even if I join in I can never see my post or get any comments!

And I  never seem to get much response to my Twitter post apart from my lovely faithful few ...thanks guys xxx

Calling all social media warriors please tell me what am I not doing, that everyone else is ?

Or what I am doing that is wrong!

I have been posting on Facebook,

Twitter and Instagram for more than 5 years, yes, everyday with out fail for 5 years and I get the same few people responding, although I love my current followers with all my heart, how do I get in with the in crowd?

If I  put a blog post out there im lucky to get 1 single comment ...I suppose at least I know it is getting out there. 

(I've added a few pictures of my cheeky granddaughter , my rescue staffie and my little English bull dog niece to add some interest 😁)

But tell me internet warriors what are you doing that I am not ?


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