'Shop my Wardrobe' at Mrs Bee vintages' new stall in Ramsgates Petticoat Lane emporium

Last year I took all the shoes and hand bags I own and laid them out on my big bed and was shocked to find, including the primark flip flops and fake crocs (why?) I had just over 100 pairs!!

After taking a photo I went and did the same with bags ...handbags, vintage handbags, holdalls, tote bags, clutch bags, plastic bags, bags for life! Now if I continued to carry this theme on it would list 

vintage seamed stockings  

Vintage scarves

Breton tee shirts

Long black cardigans

Beige bras ...

You get the picture, am I a hourder or a dedicated follower of fashion? 

I guess if im honest it would be a bit of both, I love fashion and I love vintage things, the quality and colours shine through even if the fabric of the item is on its last legs ...I love them so much that I tuck rotting pieces of lace that were once beautiful 1930s gowns away in the bottom of my wardrobe, because I am the keeper on the dreams and memories that are caught up in it , the thoughts of the people who made the lace, designed the dress, made the dress, sold the dress, wore the dress, stored the dress, found the dress and gave it to me ...you can start to see why I have so many things.

But it is not about fast fashion or keeping up with the latest trends, but its about seeing things through, an idea has to come to fruition or I am failing 'something or someone'

An idea will come together in my head and often have to buy or make something in order for the vision to come together .

I may only wear it in my mind or in front of the mirror in my bedroom as I tell myself the people of the world are not ready for the me in that creation 

If I had one more skill it would be to be able to draw these outfits just like a fashion illustrator of bygone days ;

but I dont have that skill so I compensate buy sourcing the componants to realise the design!  and I justify this by 

1.telling my self I work in fashion, darlink !

2.I'm keeping the high street economy going

3.I am saving vintage for the future

4.It will protect me in my retirement (not sure anything can do that)

5.I will always have the right outfit for the right occasion...

I know, I KNOW i'm kidding myself ...I will always need to find something other than what I already have, unless I can change a way of being that is born in me, and let me tell you I have often questioned, where did it come from ,this constant dialogue in my head?

But the point is can I create something of interest out of this all consuming habit/hobbie/passion?

Maybe I could create a new online profile and join the group of people that are not buying anymore and wearing what they have.

the amount of stuff I have I would need help ... I wonder if Gok whats to do a new show ? 

We could call it 'Shop my Wardrobe'

Should I start a sustainable fashion blog and call it 'Shop my Wardrobe' ? (I'm sure it must already be out there)

What would I need to do to get both of those ideas of the ground ? 

Tweet Gok, ok i can do that ...tomorrow !

Find a willing photographer who would be happy to take pictures of me regularly in some strange and of course visually pleasing places (not as easy as it sounds)  and thats where my ideas stay just ideas as the best fashion bloggers have just that, a partner or good friend who is happy to follow them around whilst they are all dressed up in their finery and snap away ...I cant even manage a holiday snap of me in a me made frock without it looking like someones dumpy granny ( oh I am a dumpy granny to four lovely grandkids) 

So I came up with a completely different idea and took a stall in a Vintage emporium


and started selling it all off ( well the vintage stuff anyway ) I get to create outfits on my dress stand for all to see and if they like them they buy them and the vintage cycle goes on.

But the best bit of all is that I can still buy vintage , it doesn't have to be in my size as I can fix it up and sell it on.

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