Sometimes vintage just needs a fairy Godmother

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Those of you that follow my facebook page

Will know that I have been working on a little restoration project for one of my 'vintage' brides 

I created a beautiful  cream wool mini dress with daisy embroidered bell sleeves for her initial wedding last year (she and her fella eloped to California) 

and she always said that another dress was in the offing for the blessing she would have back home here in blighty for her friends and family. I had visions of something long and flowing ...

I didn't hear from her again until last month when we met for coffee and she handed me a cloth bag with, as she called it her self 'a diamond in the rough' a very grubby and stained 1960s silver (and white?) lamè criplene tunic, two dress sizes too big for her , and all the seams were spilt but it was beautiful ...and I could see straight away it was perfect for her.

and as she had found it in a thrift store on her honeymoon it had a special place in this story .

She knew as a tunic it was far to short even for her and it was missing its matching trousers but she thought she would wear little silver hot pants underneath it .

Now if you follow me on social media (if you dont ,you should 😉) you know I dont take on many commissions  at the moment ,but I do like a Cinderella challange and this appealed to me ...I knew I could make this garment something special 

So I took it home and had a good look at it and I realised I would have to take the whole dress apart and put it in for a long soak in the bath, luckly criplene is almost indistuctable apart from fire 😁 

I then took a direct pattern off of the individual pieces and worked out that the tunic was a vintage size 16 (about a 12 in modern standards) I then graded the pattern down two sizes to a vintage size 12 ( modern size 8) and re cut the pattern pieces.

On the original dress the trim didn't go all around the bottom and as my bride wanted the sleeves shorter anyway I took the trim from the sleeves and patched it in. 

I also took the original 1" hem down and turned up a 1/4"hem using a satin bias binding, this gave her a little extra added length.

As time was running out and her buzy schedule  prevented her from shopping for the silver fabric for the shorts I found a silver pleated skirt and steamed the pleats out as much as possible and cut a pair of stretchy silver hot pants to wear underneath ...just in case 😉

With the bits I cut from the sleeves alteration I made a handy little purse to match the lot...waste not want not .

And of course all the original labels went back in with a little Mrs Bee Vintage label for luck 

I was very happy with the results and im looking forward to seeing the pictures of the wedding party very soon.

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